Monday, October 23, 2006

Flea Repellent Continued

We changed up the spray recipe a bit by adding some essential oil of citronella plant. We also started spraying the carpets and furniture. I was concerned about spraying a vintage victorian style couch with light floral pattern, but there doesn't seem to be any spots from the spray. This along with daily vacuuming (carpets and furniture), and combing (the pets) has abated the flea problem. As a further step, we also placed cut eucalyptus plant stems around the house. Through research, it became evident that there is not one fell swoop action one can do to rid a house and pets of fleas. The fleas seem to nest in furniture and carpets and jump on pets and humans for a snack, with some nesting done on the pets' fur. Action must be taken across all areas that fleas infest.


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