Thursday, June 07, 2007

Flowers that are Edible

The weather is nice, and that means it's time to spend time outdoors in the garden or on the trails, or in the parks. Finding and eating edible flowers can be one of the many enjoyable outdoor activities. Commonly known edibles are roses, daisies, and violas. For safety from pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals, one should ensure that the petals are free from other human intervention - such as at parks or along manicured walkways. I've seen orchid petals garnished on dishes at restaurants, and the waitstaff usually indicates that they are safe to eat, but they are taking the word of the sales person, and that sales person is probably taking someone else's word for it, so I tend to stay away from eating these. Besides, chances are this orchid probably had much human intervention on its way to that plate, and that usually means chemicals or pesticides. For more on edible flowers, take a look at Iowa State University's Ten Rules for Edible Flowers.


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