Monday, January 08, 2007

Flowers and Pinky

There has been some limited interest in my blog here, and I just wanted to post some more information here on this blog. I'm not a flower expert. I love flowers and plants. Flowers and plants are exponentially complex living things that provide us with medicine, beauty, knowledge, pleasure, sight, sound, taste and touch. It's that simple and that complex all at once. Yes, I know that Rosemary Prostratus is probably not for a pot or for verticle type growing. There are so many different types of lavender that I could spend a lifetime learning about them all, and I just may do that. The name of lavender comes from latin, "to clean" or "clean", or "wash". I also wish I had more time to just stop and smell the roses on a more regular basis. Are 80 cm roses better than 60 cm roses?


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