Monday, October 30, 2006

Send Organic Flowers

Jumping on the Organic bandwagon, I noticed that there are now plenty of places to find organic foods, make up, shampoos and lotions. Sending organic flowers to someone, is a bit more difficult. If you want same day, forget it! It's obvious why the proliferation of organic cut stems have lagged in other consumer oriented products and gifts - we don't eat them or rub them over our body - normally anyway. I couldn't help but notice the big player in the organic market is Organic Bouquet, and there seems to be little other choices. Sure one can go to the local farmers market and find some organic cut stems, but I can't really send those flowers to Mom. And sending pesticide laden flowers to Mom on Mother's Day off the backs of someone else's mom from Colombia, Equador, and California probably isn't helping her respiratory tract or the environment. Then I start to think about the burden it places on the water systems municpal or otherwise, the additional tax burden to maintain those systems, and so on...It's just exhausting.


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