Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hoya Carnosa

I've only encountered wax plant a few times, and I couldn't even tell you specifically when or why - but they have remained a fixture in my mind, one of my favorite flowers about which I am endlessly curious and think of when anyone mentions "fairytale flowers".

Unfortunate, that I will not ever happen upon them anywhere in the city, at least not outdoors, not in nature; for they are of East Asian/Indian origin and are propagated here as sturdy houseplants, though they are actually vine-like. I think there is a current trend of using waxflowers in bridal bouquets and arrangements, of which I am a fan (I even considered including them in my own floral design for my bridal party), but myrtle (waxflower) and wax plant (milkweed) have a few distinctive differences and I still prefer the latter for its gooey surface, curved star-points, and distinct smell.

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