Sunday, November 13, 2011

Community Gardens

Although the height of blossoming has passed for most gardens, I find that I am always nostalgic for the city's community garden-spaces. Just down a few blocks on South 2nd is a lot that, until recent weeks, remained defiantly green despite the cold and diminished sunlight. A number of hand painted signs hang loosely upon the chain-link fence, one declaring the area as always welcoming new members and another, purple and faded, with a cartoony silhouette of a dog to remind owners to keep the city, especially its cherished green hideaways, clean.

And now again I dream of my future rooftop garden, if ever a structure is meant to exist; and my bitterness at the change of season from Autumn to Winter becomes more palpable with every gust of harsh city wind as it reminds me the hardships I will most definitely face when maintaining my own urban plot.

Come Spring I will have a share in this community soil.

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