Sunday, November 20, 2011

Freesia Corymbosa

Image taken by Kyle Gercer on Flickr.

This is a flower I've never encountered in person but have seen put to use as a fragrance for soaps, perfumes, and candles alike. Of course, those smells are infused with that of chemical bonding and unnatural additives, an unfair representation of freesia's actual aroma. What have I been missing? Just today I saw a photograph of freesia corymbosa (pictured above) and was reminded of my desire to know its scent, to set it up against those impostors and their harsh, often overwhelming, redolence. Unfortunately the flowers are now out of season as they bloom in the high months of summer; but I am determined not to forget this, so I will make myself a note and return to it come late Spring. I've an inkling that this is a flower worth the seeking.

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