Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do It Yourself (DIY) Wedding Flowers

Let's face it, a wedding without flowers is like a beach without sand. However, this is usually one of the final decisions and probably the most skimped on components of the big day. Trying to squeeze another 500 or 1000 bucks out of the budget becomes more of a struggle of principle than being another drop in the bucket. Perhaps it should be this way. You only get to enjoy the flowers for a couple hours anyway, so why not enjoy them longer by putting them together yourself? That way you get to spend hours snipping, clipping, and ultimately nurturing them into the most beautiful bouquet or centerpiece arrangement, AND save a lot of dough. You'll also begin to appreciate what a floral designer does, and probably increase your patience threshold. Just be sure to leave enough time, or it will quickly evolve from a fun project into a chore that no one has time to complete.