Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I read something recently that seemed somewhat profound about the use of the Acanthus leaf in ornamental design. The acanthus motif is always enduring, because it is independent of circumstances. Now this statement could run you in circles for hours, but I think what is important about this statement is that if you start to pay attention to all the ornamental motifs around you, you will realize for some reason or another, one cannot dispute this. One might say, there is much that is independent of circumstances, but is there? What is so enduring about the Acanthus?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Valentine's Day

Some become offended by the laws of supply and demand. And especially when the laws fall prey to our human emotions, but the fact remains, that everyone wants red roses on Valentine's Day, and there aren't enough to go around on 1 or 2 days in February. Prices go up a resulting $25 per dozen for these ubiquitous flowers on Valentine's Day. The smart shoppers will plan ahead and buy something other than red roses, and do it about a month in advance. That way they will pay about what they pay any other day of the week. Happy Valentine's Day!