Thursday, February 05, 2009

Most Bizarre Florist Moments

The Florist and the Butcher

As we peer into the dark side, the case of the florist and the butcher will have your hairs stand up and chills run up your spine...This has got to be the the most horrific and most bizarre incident involving a florist. Allegedly, a florist and a butcher mutilated and ate their victim. I was going to link to the story, but if you must read, search for florist and butcher . It's a cross between Hannibal Lecter and a Sopranos episode...ewhh.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The REAL reason you never received your flowers

This florists' delivery driver just dropped off a delivery to a high rise office building and proceeded to exit the building easement moving in a forward direction when he ran into and busted the rear flashing tail light of a PARKED fire engine! The driver was ticketed by the cops already on the scene, but ironically was able to keep his job delivering flowers. The best part - the florist says, he had yet to get back into to the van - he literally ran into it! Put this guy on a desk job, please!