Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Warmer spring brings less flowers

I do not want this to become a flower blog full of doomsday posts, and this is probably the 2nd or 3rd post out of many that seems to highlight of potentially harmful changes to come, but it seems that there are many areas of the world that are seeing the timing of seasonal changes starting to vary, as well as the warming and cooling seasons vary. One example is that in some areas of New York State, flower buds have already developed, due to a milder winter, and unseasonally warm days, then followed by cold snaps. The combination of these factors has stopped the plants from flowering, then subsequent years are not able to seed and therefore reproduce. Other areas of the the U.S. namely the rockies have seen similar instances of warmer springs, bringing on faster snowmelt, taking away the protection of the snow as an insulator and inhibitor to the buds and preventing late season cold snaps from doing as much damage as they otherwise might. Please read more on warmer springs in the Rockies here.