Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Centerpieces

I think many of us have begun to ignore the very traditional Christmas centerpieces. A festive and unique addition to the dinner table or a coffee table in a Christian home. Poinsettias seem to rule the roost these days. This may be due to the proliferation in grocery stores creating a higher demand, or partly because they are an inexpensive gift to bring to a Christmas party. Centerpieces are usually a bit more expensive, but there are many diy guides to making centerpieces. I have often seen traditional wreaths plopped down around a candle to mimic a centerpiece, but that often looks kinda tacky. I hope as younger generations demand the market, they will learn to appreciate them.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Appropriate flowers for Hanukkah

First, off, the gifts should arrive before sundown on December 11, 2009. Second, flowers can be whites, blues, silvers, and even pastels are acceptable. Try cala lilies for an appropriate flower gift on Hanukkah. Blue hydrangeas seem to be popular, but not always easy to find this time of year. A mix of lilies and iris is also a nice combination. A poinsettia is not appropriate. 2009 Hanukkah date: Sunset, December 11 to sunset, December 19.