Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meaning of a Dozen Red Roses

Meaning of a dozen roses:
There are many meanings - floriography, especially when throwing color into the mix. I'll give you my top 10:
10 - Complete declaration of love
9 - Happy Valentine's Day
8 - Thinking of you every month of the year
7 - Perfect Love
6 - Sacred Love
5 - Mystical Love
4 - Be Mine
3 - True love
2 - Uncreative and unoriginal
1 - Anything less than a dozen red roses says you're cheap!


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer flowers

The lavender is just beginning to bloom, but some of the warmer weather varieties are just now forming stalks and buds. Since the weather has been a bit cooler this growing season, and winter was colder, there has been a loss on the Provence variety in the garden. As the Grosso flowers and the Hidcote buds the bumble bees are humming much more than last season. There must be 4 times as many bumble bees this year compared to last year. Is this good news for the bee populations? Let's hope the honey bees are thriving, too.